Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Pleasing is hard, decided not to please anyone anymore. As long as I'm happy.

Family is giving me a huge problem now. I don't know what's wrong, but I believe in what I heard. I may not be there for see everything, but don't forget I know what's going on. Don't treat me as a 3years old kid.

Dear Dad,
I know you are stressed at work. I know everything. But please reconcile with your brother. Your third sister and brother have already lose contact with your family. Think through, would you want me and brother to be like this ? Talk to Uncle Yong. Sort things out with him. No use keeping things to yourself. Everyone in the family is trying our best to sort this out. But there you go, keeping things to yourself. And what's with you and your Aunty Jamie and Aunty Shirley? Quarrelled non stop. This is not the right way. You can say adult's problems, I shouldn't care. But don't forget, I'm 21 this year, a adult. Don't treat me like one. Speak out, what's the fault. What did he do wrong. See him change. Talk things out. (:

Picking up Benedict on 22nd, together with Aunty Doris, and will visit Bernard after that. I guess it will be a fruitful day for me. Still thinking weather wanna at Bishan instead of rushing in the morning. Maybe cab over during midnight. (: And hope that she enjoy herself in Taiwan.

And what's next? My little cousin is leaving for France tonight. Though it's a school trip, I will miss you my dear :( Faster come back okay ! Takecare!

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