Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Awaiting Moments.

It's coming to the year end soon, and I'm grateful for all the things that happen this year. Well, October has been good to me this year. Shopping date with sissy one of the days. and heard from Jiejie a very bad news. After parting with sissy that evening, bused down to meet my cutiepie girl. Went over to her area to meet her, settled our dinner at Old Town. Thank God for her that night.  
Went singing session at Teoheng and Kbox, all emotions out. Sang till midnight. My boy actually came down to pick us up. Cabbed bbg home before heading down to Neverland to meet the rest. Astons for dinner before singing session. Hehehe.

On a happy note, our very first USS date on 2nd year with my boy, celebrated with it wisely. Hehehe. Took some pictures. But some are selected. Woke up quite early that day, not because I'm excited about the trip, but couldn't sleep. Thus, sleepy eyes that day. And caught 'Taken 2' that evening. 

Town with the boy on Sunday to get my birthday theme tee. Mickey Mouse! Hehe. Trained down to Hougang Mall to get his stuffs, and nex for dinner.

 And meeting bbg almost every week nowadays. singing session at town with her in the afternoon. Shoduko for dinner. And she is going to surprise me on my birthday as planned to celebrate my actual birthday with her. And meeting her tmr for her last day of freedom before we starts work. :) 

Apart from that, I'm currently going through problems with my aunty. I'm glad she and Jiejie actually thinks alike. The hurt one of my cousins gave is inbearable. Sigh. How you want to tell your brother? :( But I'm really happy that they actually appreciate me for all the things. Just thank God for them. The closest ever. 

All time favorite, always ~ 

Thursday, 27 September 2012


Don't try to handle my life when you can't handle yours well. 

Caught 'Resident Evil 3D' on Sunday with my boy, and dinner as well at Nex. The movie was alright. It's not the ending yet. More to come. After movie, headed to airport to fetch the boy's mom and sis up. Afterall, I'm not happy about my lost freedom. Wish I had the whole house to me and the boy.  
Pastamania and pizza for one of the stay home Saturday with the boy. Awesome. 

Town with sissy on Saturday, met her for flea at Scape. Saw blogger, QiuQiu. She is so pretty. And grab some of the clothes at her booth. Walk around and waited for the boy to arrive. Early dinner before we decide to watch a movie, Caught, 'My Dog, DouDou'. Was touching and how the actor actually loved the dog. Aftermath, went to Chompchomp for stingray. This time, is not my crave. HAHA. Is my boy crave for it. Homed around 1plus in the morning. 

Movie and dinner with babygirl on Tuesday, caught, 'The Fierce Wife'. Nice and sweet ending. But guys, if you wanna watch this movie, watch the drama first. (: If not, you wont be able to understand the movie. Settled our dinner at MOF, ordered one of the bento. Hehe. Loving their bento. (:

Went to Chinatown to accompany love,while we walking to the shop, caught this pretty decoration along the road. Well, in the end the shop was closed, and settled our dinner in a chinese restaurant.
 The food was alright but the service sucks, The staff keep coming to us when we are still indecisive of what to order. Irritating much.  

There's only a few friends I could be myself in front of them, and I could count on them. I really thank God for them. 

Monday, 17 September 2012

Distressing Weekends (:

Went to bishan for some dinner and decided to go over Aunty's place, it was a walking distance from her place. Friends has been asking me, why almost every week got family dinner. Yet could tell them is only, my family is quite united yet they are busybodies of each other lives. And that's all I can say about them. 

Photo with bbg few weeks back. (: Friends come and go. By as time pass by, time will eventually tell you who are your true friends. I'm glad that she came years ago, and never once wanted to leave. Thank God for her. And eventually, now we are like sisters. Knowing each other inside out. Appreciate her much that all she has done. Love her muchy! :) 

Dinner with love on friday, settled our dinner at Ambush, a european restaurant with good & affordable price :) Shall go back there to try out the rest of the food soon. Hehe. 

Jap food as dinner with the loverboy the other day before movie. And we caught four movies in a row for consecutives days. Imperfect, Ted, The Watch, StepUp Revolution. Awesome time spent with him. And now he wants to watch Resident Evil :O 

Went to Zhiwei's pre birthday celebration on Saturday at Pasir Ris. It was a BBQ session. And after all, hope you enjoyed (: 

Ending of with one of my favourites photo. (: