Thursday, 29 September 2011

Went to pick up BenBen Korkor up last week together with dad and relatives. Hope he's doing well in halfway home now. After this incident, all my aunties came to call me and talk to me. Actually am happy that they share their unhappiness with me, at least they feel better after pouring out.

Okay, now for my birthday chalet, the guest list is finalized but just the cake haven't order, :/ All like so expensive leh. Wanna do my favourite, but i think it's gonna cost a bomb for my dad. Hope my dad and uncle will be in good terms again :( Making me stressed :/

And a few more days, will be my boy and me one year, wonder how we celebrate. :( Better not think. Much hope make more disappointments. Meeting Isabelle & Caetherin on Friday (:

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