Thursday, 15 December 2011

It is not easy to find someone to love and care and love you for who you are this long.

Merry Christmas, It's year end now! :D Excited much people? I'm excited! Will be spending my christmas with bb and co. And guess what? The chipmunks and  impossible ghost protocol movies is out today, will be catching it tmr with the kids and the mission movie with bb and co! And my dad just told me, he is leaving to hongkong during early Jan. Hope he had much fun there! And will be heading to Uncle Yong's wedding with bb after christmas! Aftermath, it would be CNY, happy die me! :D:D

And once I told myself that I will not find a guy who actually who can dote me the way I want. And suddenly, this boy actually pop out of nowhere. By then, we were together and walk together this far.(: Though there's up and down, sadness, but afterall, he will be the one who actually come up to me and hug me. And is not easy to find a guy who will act cute with you now and then, (: I'm much contented with him around. I love you, my darling cutiepie boy!  

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