Friday, 15 January 2010

Fun (:

Woke up at 11plus, called Twinlove .
Went to prepared & off to friend's house to meet Twinlove.
Trained down to HarbourFront, took the bus into Sentosa.

Reached, & start playing water. Slacked at first.
Saw Esther Keaibaby in Sentosa too. (: Surprised to see you there aye! :D
Decided to go down to the water, and I was kena thrown into the water ><

Trained down to Bugis, walked around & saw Yvonne.
Say hellos & continued walking as she was working.
Went around to look for shirt. Saw friends too. (:
Haha, finally I saw you. :D Work hard ah! (:

Trained back after that, saw Jarvis & Jeremeo.
Damn shocked. Accompanied Twinlove to wait for her bus to come.
Bused home after that. Texting w Grandson & Bigboy after that. (:

To, Anson Superman :
Stop doing silly things to yourself, you think very fun hor.
Want mia from me somemore, you know I am damn worry for you mah.
You mia somemore, you know what I will do to you. ^^
Forget about her. She now pushing all the blame to you and putting you into jail.
What a joke manxxzx. Girl, grow up pleaseeee!
Girl, things is you want & willing to give him and you are putting all blame to him?
I can tell you this, you wanna to bring him in? Bring me in first (:
Things won't just go your way. And you are just making him stress.
Hospitalized because of you of how much you hurt him.
You must be very happy that he is hospitalized luh.
And I can tell you, I am very protective of this Superman of mine.
Superman, just remember I'm here for you, always.
One call and one sms away alrights. (:

Sometimes, things isn't what you think.
I never go for any guys, anymore.

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