Monday, 4 January 2010

I believe in Time

This is the first post in 2010 (: It's just another day going by.
Recalling for the past year, everything has been going well.
But the best gift on earth is having a great boyfriend.
Having his lovee is the best thing on earth.
I love Javennnn Leeee ttm :D

31st : Happy Birthday, Benjamin Superboy(:
31st : Countdown, 2010(:
5th : Happy 60th Birthday, Uncle Victor! :D

Back to post :
Decided to stay at home for the next few days, as I've been going out past few weeks.
Past few weeks are spent w Ning & Nick & co.
Countdown at East Coast was spent w Ning alone :D Happy Happy :D
She knew I was really happy. :D Thanks silly boyfriend.
Aftermath, met up w Nick & co. Headed to Neverland, had operation on.
Cabbed back to Jurong, went lan :D Headed home after that.

The previous night was awesome:D 1st time in 2010 going Powerhouse(:
Met up w April, Daddy M & his friend. Went to Element to drink first.
Cabbed back Powerhouse, saw alot of familiar faces, especially my Cousin!
Drank w Cousin awhile. Saw my past boyfriend too. Chatted w him awhile,
and headed to dance floor. Danced till 4am, was really shag.
Cabbed back to April's house, slept awhile & cabbed back home in the morning.

Woke up at 2plus yesterday, bused down to Bishan.
Uncle drove us to a surprise dinner.
Saw Darlingggg & Xingan, hugged them (:
After dinner, went to Queenway Shopping Center.
Headed back after that. Jintana Jiejie send me back :D

Here's comes the photo spam again :

(Edited on 1.49am )
Met up w J ♥ around 6 at interchange.
Trained down to Bugis, had Long John for dinner.
Headed off to Street to roamed around, bought one dress.
Planning to go on friday w loveeee(: aiming for one shorts. (:

Called Victor along, he drove down to fetch us.
While waiting, we are doing one hobby that all the girs are doing.

He reached, we went to Marina Barrage to slack.
Homed around 11.30 (:


( Edited on 7.30pm )
I've decided to MIA alr. If you are lucky, you can find me.
If not, don't bother finding me. The hurts is killing me.
Don't bother asking, cause I won't say.
Javen, I love you still.

Disappointed in you, Girl!
I believe, time will prove everything.
I miss talking to Superman ♥, I miss Babyyyyy! ):

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