Friday, 8 January 2010

A chance to mend this heart

I miss you, do you believe? ):

Happy Birthday Joyce Sillybaby, Happy Birthday Charis Sweet(:
Me love you two ttm :D Meet up soon ah ! :D

Woke up 3plus in the nooon, prepared and headed to Far East(:
Met up w Ning & Charis. They are really very sweet to teach me to make up(:
Thanks silly boyfriend & Babe (:
Walked around Far East and bought nothing D:
Homed around 8plus. (:

Yesterday, went out w Isabelle Cousin the whole day :D
Went Cineleisure, caught Alvin & the Chipmunks 2 (:
They are super cute, Huajie like them :D Aftermath, headed to Bugis w her (:
Bought one shorts and I'm happy :D Homed around evening (:

Photos spam again :D

A chance to mend this heart, I'm nothing w/o you, part of me is gone
Only God knows how much I love you, still.

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