Friday, 26 February 2010

I'm drowned in your love

Went to meet Baby this afternoon.
He is too sweet to cabbed all the way down to meet me, and cabbed to his place.
& to my surprise, he stay near Sarah Darling place.
Hoo-ray ! High chances of meeting this darling of mine ! (L)

Movie w him today in his room. Was too tired till wanted to sleep.
I slept awhile he went to bathe to prepare to work.
He cabbed me home first, and went to work.

Deleted my tagbox from my blog, bloglink changed.
A new start, a new link (:

Baby, i gonna say, this time is my fault. My BIG BIG SORRY ! ):
I feel I'm a demanding girlfriend towards you, Sigh.
I promised you, this is the first and last time.
Will be your most UNDERSTANDING girlfriend. PROMISED!

Maybe you gonna be going out sailing for 3days. OMG!
I will miss you like hell. Sigh. I know, you will as well right ! :B
I'm missing you alreadyy. Sigh. ):

( Edited on 3.29am )
Was talking to Ning Boyfriend & Zinc on the phone.
Crapped on the phone w them, telling them about something.
Haha, damn funny. Thank to them, hearing out my xinshi.
Trying their best to make me happy (: And not forgetting April, Jolyn, Charis, Wen Jie . (:
Massive loveeee ! A BIG THANKYOU !

(Edited on 8.07am )
Ho seh, another sleepless night. How nice. 3rd night already.
And hope I will sleep soundly without Baby by my side.

Was texting w Baby just now, he is going out sail later ,
I simply hate it laas ~ They just love to separate one couple out.
Hope Baby will come back fast ): Miss your everything ):
I will wait till the day you are back, at my side.
I have this faith in waiting, cause I know, we will last.
I will miss you like, I always do. (:

(Edited on 12.21pm )
Just woke up, once again. Slept at 10plus or 11. I forgot .
Baby texted me telling me, there won't be sailing for him.
HAPPY DIE ME . ^^ Waiting for April Laogong to wake up,
Heading to town w her & meeting baby in the night :D

Absence makes the heart grow fonder .

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