Wednesday, 24 February 2010

♥ 24th, One in a million (:

Never be replaced by anyone, I promised .

Was talking to Boyfriend last night till 5plus. Super shag at that moment.
My eyes couldn't close at that moment, so in other words, i never sleep. -.-
Ho seh bo. I don't know how to survive later, gonna be shag already.
Guess Boyfriend is on his way to camp, yet I'm missing you already.
Just went to make one cup of Milo, pray hard that I could sleep later.
Hopes it will made me sleep later, lao tian bo pi I could sleep later alright.

& my dearest brother is going overseas for army soon. Awws.
Fuck his camp alright. Why you wanna let him go ?! Sigh.
Bro, 我会很想你的!Sigh. ):

( Edited on 4.28pm )
Am at Dearest's house now, Went to meet April Laogong awhile just now.
I am still editing this post of mine, while she is being a PIG.
Ning Boyfriend is coming over later, need to head to town. (:
I'm extremely boreddd, talking to Boyfriend on Msn. Freaking cute sial.
Off to Facebook & Msn. ! (:

(Edited on 12.55am )
Just kup phone w Babyyy ! (: Just came back from Dearest's house
Was super shag today, keep nua at her bed, plan cancelled as we are really shagged.
Called Baby to come over Dearest's house to meet me. Headed home around 12plus.

You are one in a million who, I couldn't find the second one to replace you.

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