Sunday, 21 March 2010

我不想要再对自己抱怨, 也不想再狼狈

Once you fall for someone, you lost this love game.

Been such a good girl, staying at home. Family is giving a big problems, like again. I will just stop pleasing everyone now. I am tired of it. Back these few days, accompanied by Kelvin & Jolyn. (: Much appreciated to Kelvin for sending me back home. Was on phone w Ning yesterday, I cried again. Thanks for listening to my rants, over again & again. You are the best of the best, I swear :D Love you ! ^^ Was talking to Sarah on Msn just now, she really made my day, with all kinds of craps. It's about a guy working w her. Happening stories which made me happy. And this time, she should be asleep, but she isn't. Nevermind, I shall put her to sleep. Teehees. Off to Msn with Ning & her already.

I lost this game to you. I bet you didn't know, as long things about you, weather is good or bad, I will still cried. I know, I should have let you go, but things aren't easy for me. I miss those times with you. Those little things that you do for me. You are a guy who I can never find someone to replaced with. I'm sorry, but I have to say, I miss you & love you, still .

As I wrote this, my tears are dropping, You, please teach me how to stop this tears from dropping. Only you can stop everything . Next week , is our one month. Will you remember ?

Oh, promised Dearest that I will post about her . (:
Yes, I love her to the max already. Been there for always. Never fails to cheer me up.
It's been a long time, since i hang out w you and Rosanne together. Miss those times. (:
Last long w Spencer alrights. (: ^^ Gonna accompany you on Wed already. (: Love you ^^

Meeting two ♥ tmrw . Gonna be a fun dayy. Teehees. (:

& Buddy, I'm sorry, if I hurt you, I'm really sorry . ): No matter what happens , you are my one & only buddy. No one shall replaced you okayy . Do last long w her . I know you can. (: Teehees, anything still can find me alright. You know, I'm here for you ! :D Love you ^^

能不能够让我们回到从前 , 当那一天当我们还强烈, 你说过要陪我走到永远.

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