Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Meeting Jolyn ♥ & April tmrw [:
& I miss Rosanne Boyfriend & Charis Dearest (:

( Edited on 2.43am )
Met up w Jolyn ♥ around noon . Headed to Bugis to shopped for shoes as I need for my upcoming work. Roamed around Street, having manicure & have a haircut too [: Somehow, i am not used to it . But am loving it bit by bit . Supposed to meet April, but she couldn't make it . So she gave it a miss. Headed to Novena, for L.J.S . Headed back home, after that .

For the previous day, was accompanied by Jolyn ♥ to Bugis, headed for lunch. Roamed around street, headed to Coffee Nations, went to find Sarah Darling. Updated our lives to each other . Waited for Sarah to dismiss from her work. Meanwhile, played some childhood cards games w Jolyn ♥ . Ordered Nacho Cheese Fries. It's was a delighted afterall. Chatted around w Sarah's working friends, while waiting for the rain to stop. Headed to Street again, and saw a number of friends. (: Headed home after that .

Was talking to Jolyn on the phone last night. She helped me with this blogskin. Super in love with this now. ^^ Thanks (: Loves, xoxo! :D Might be heading to Bishan tmrw. Let's see how its goes. I guess it's really been a long time since I went to Aunty Doris's place and visit the kids. Gonna hugged them tight, as iI said, in the previous post.

Just kup phone with Charis, Rosanne & Spencer. (: Heading to bed soon, I think.

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