Sunday, 14 March 2010


Goodbye, my once awesome boyfriend (:

Broke up w Calvin yesterday. Close ones knows. The rest, no one need to knows. This may be the last post dedicate to you. Everything was just a fairytale. I didn't know your dream was so true. We both lost trust and feelings in each other. I'm sorry, I am a demanding girlfriend instead of understanding girlfriend. Sigh. Just my fault. I know you will scold me as you say it's your fault, not mine. But it's partly mine. I have to admit. Tears are dropping, but do you care ? I doubt so. Nevermind lah, weather you care or not, it's doesn't matter anymore. (: Everything is over. We are just friends. (:

It's takes time for me to forget you and regard you as a friend. It's still hurts in my heart. Tears started dropping unconditionally. I have to put this a stop. But could I be able to do it ? The only way to keep me carry on is carrying the ring w me. At least this ring will tell me, you once was mine. The song playing in my playlist, will you remember ? The song we both shared.

Thanks everyone for the concern & giving me the best advice. Especially, Charis, Jinwei & Rosanne who help me through this relationship. (: Thanks for everything. And my cute Kelvin Laogong. Yahs. Happy anot?! :D I know you are. (:

( Edited on 3.20am)
Am on msn talking to Ning Boyfriend & Zinc Brother now. Super funny, I swear.
Zinc Brother is talking to the wall, and the wall reply him. So which means, talking to himself -.- And he still continues. Me and Ning Boyfriend is laughing our ass off the ground. HAHAH !

Anyway, thanks Zinc & Thomas Brothers for cheering me up these few days, despite everything. Trying every way to make me laugh, like before. Telling me I'm strong and etc. But too bad, I'm not. Still I cried today, because of him. I'm sorry, I let everyone down, again.

My dad wake up of a sudden, which means I can't call my cute guy already. ): My phone low credit. Awws. Which means, i tonight have to ren without talking to him. ): I just forget today is Monday, which means he is at home during at night. Okay, off to facebook & Msn already.

Everything is a fairytale dream after all. You are gone, our sweetness are gone. Relationship needs two hands to clap. Nothing matters to me anymore.

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