Friday, 12 March 2010

Awesome (:

Yesterday, out w Charis & Spencer to town. Had much fun w the both of them. Saw Liang Jie & Brason at Ion. Settled our my early dinner at Cine. Walked to Fareast. She bought two bags, think she is very HAPPY ! :B Right ?! :D Met up w Spencer, think walked around the town area for the whole day! Had my day enjoyed accompanied by them (: Headed home after that .


She is the girl who I love the most.
She is the girl who whenever I need her, she will be there for 24/7 (:
She is the girl who will doll me up like one barbie doll.
She is the girl who will accompany me whenever I goes shopping & whenever I am bored.
She is the girl who we known each other less than 3months, yet we have this closeness in such a short time.
She is the girl who never fails to be there and cheer me up.
She is the girl who never fails to talk crap w me.

I promised you, I will share the same love w you and my boyfriend & rosanne.
You know, you two really helped me alot. This bond, I promised I will never broke.
I love Charis Goh Wanling & Rosanne Yap Shining ! (:

I have the awesome dearest in the whole universe. Seriously, why you so sweet ah ?! She is really super sweet by staying up late just to help me edit my photos & uploading into facebook. Be there for me whenever I need her. Giving me the best advises in everything. Dolling me up like a doll. Omgggg! Charis Goh, I freaking fall in love w you.

Thank you for everything you have done. No words can describe how much I love you already.
You know, you will never replaced by anyone. Besides Rosanne, you are another one I will never forgotton. Two girlfriends never fail to make me happy, laughing like one mad girl. Like there's no tomorrow.

We have not meeting up recently. I'm really sorry that I scolded you yesterday on phone.
No matter how much we quarrel, we are back together. Am I right ? We've been ups and down, joy & happiness together. I enjoyed my days w you too. Never fails to crap w me, about guys. HAHAH! Don't kill me please. I know, you can't bear too :B Anyway, thanks for everything too.

Whatever happens, you know, I am here for you. One call, I will fly to you. ^^ :D
& meet up soon okayyyy!

Baby is back & he is spending his night in the ship too. Felt xindong for him as he vomitted in the ship for 6 bloody times! OMGGGG! How I wish, he beside me now. Miss him so much. Texing w him now ! :D


因為妳而呼吸,因為愛而心跳,愛上 妳的一切.是我的驕傲

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