Thursday, 4 March 2010


Just came back from Baby's place not long. He is flying off to Macau soon for 2days.
Had many heartfelts words w him just now. Nearly cried infront of him. But I hold on.
Glad that we talk things out. (: Just can't bear to see him leave me ! But no choice, he have to go. ):
Cabbed him to tpy interchange to meet his friend, while I cabbed home myself.

Seriously, please take care of yourself when I'm not around.
2days, its passes fast. I hope, i can cope without you. ):
Sigh, I miss you alreadyyy.

Headed to Bugis w Darling for her job interview. Headed to Street and Junction to roam around .
Headed back her place, she accompanied me to wait for baby!
Meanwhile, had heart2heart talk w her. It's just feel nice talking to her.
Thanks Darling for the accompany, much appreciated ! (:
See you soon again alrights. (:

(Edited at 1.00am)
Stayed at home the whole day . Baby called me in the morning when he landed on Macau.
And here am I being a good girl staying at home the whole day.
Ordered mac in the noon as I was freaking famished !

Was talking to Brother about Baby's job. (:
Got to ask Baby to tell him , as I am unsure about the details.
Thinking of weather want to work w Baby anot ?!
He sure can jump up and down de :B
Lastly, I miss Calvin.GJY ! >:

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