Friday, 5 March 2010

It's just a beginning, but never ending .


Baby just called me w his friend's phone. Awws. I want him back to my side now. Nevermind. He's coming back tmrw. And he promised he will call me once he reached Singapore. Happy Die Me ! ^^ Darling knows how happy am I ! :D But I couldn't meet her so often anymore. Now is already 4plus in the morning , yet I couldn't get into sleep. Thinking of what to do to pass time now. Maybe watching Cruel Temptations. I got to wake up early tmrw. Meeting Isabelle for outing again. :D

Was on the phone w Sylvester just now. He say I have no heart. Got boyfriend, forget him. I told friends are important to me. Was talking about everything . Feel much better already. Thanks ! :D ^^

( Edited on 12.47am )

Woke up at 12plus . Went to prepared and met Isabelle at town. Went to eat Fish & Co. Roamed around everywhere in town. Homed around evening. Supposed to meet April at tpy. But guess I was too tired and gave it a miss . Ordered mac just now for dinner again.

It's past 12 midnight. Baby still haven't call me . Am waiting for his call . Sighhh . Wo de xin hen tongggg ! ): Hopes he calls me soon . I miss him badly ):

Your presence is important to me, your presence is the medicine to my heart, which can make peace in it.

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