Sunday, 11 April 2010

Back from Bugis, woke up at around 1 in the noon, facebook awhile and headed to prepare. Headed down to Coffee Nations to have my late lunch, and waited for Huijun Girlfriend ♥ to dismiss from work. I could tell you, Hawallian Chicken & Nachos Cheese Fries was AWESOME ! Was talking to Rey after his shift of work . Get to know, working with him tmr. ((: Hopes it will be fun working with Rey, stop bullying me hor . Headed to Bugis Street and Illuma . Roamed around and waiting for the time to pass. Saw Andy & Eunice on the way. ((: Decided to meet Xiaolong awhile , headed back to Coffee Nations to have our late dinner. Headed back home after that. (((: Okay, I am heading to bed now, have to wake up early for work tmr. (((: Hopes everything turns out fine. Teehees. (((:

I miss Jolyn ♥ suddenly. I don't know why. But she suddenly appear in my mind now. LOL. But not forgetting, missing my two awesome girlfriends, Charis & Rosanne ♥♥♥ . ((((: Wanna meet you girls soon. (((:

I could tell you, I'm fine. But actually I'm not. Cause I don't want to trouble you worrying for me. So I decided to keep in my heart forever.

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