Sunday, 25 April 2010


People change, so do I.


Out with AprilLG yesterday, accompany her for her interview at Ion. Headed to some Jap Restaurant for our lunch. The food there was fabulous. :) Gonna head back to eat again. Headed back to tpy to chill around, had Coffee Beans. Hanged around awhile & headed back home. :)))I am going to be silent for some matters. Nothing to say. Thanks to those who has comforted me. Especially, Rosanne & Charis . :))) But to say the fact, no one understand how I feel and what am I going through alone. My hearts hurts. I'm sorry. On the phone with Victor, he is the one who entertain me last night when all humans are asleep. Oh, anyway, gonna head out tmrw with her again, for my job interview. Hope I can get my job :))

I will let time heal my heart, the wounds, the scars. :)

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