Wednesday, 28 April 2010



Tell me, you love me, and I will love you, DOUBLE! :))))

Head out to meet April LG yesterday for my interview. Gonna wait for their call . But I doubt they will call me lah. Nevermind. Was so pissed off with some modelling company. Please notice, they are a con modelling company. A 1000 dollars for a Portfolio. What a joke. They are out to con humans money. So what, you are appear in TCS before? So what if I'm gonna model for you? You are just out to con humans money. I'm not stupid to go back again. 1000 dollars, I can use this money to buy loads loads of stuffs useful than just throwing money to you! Please wake up! CON COMPANY YOU HAVE!

Cabbed back to tpy interchange to have dinner with her. Walked around, and bought stuffs for the kids. :))) Gonna see them most probably, tmr! :D YAY! Happy die me! Gonna most probably catch a movie with Victor after that :))) Meeting AprilLG in the early afternoon. Gonna be a long day for me!


Gonna swear, meeting this cute girlfriend of mine soon, LIKE REAL SOON. I know i have been neglecting you these few weeks. I'm sorry. Will hug you real soon, You know, weather we got meet not, it's doesn't matter. What matters, is our heart still together, as friends, as girlfriends. LOVEYOU! :)))

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