Sunday, 2 May 2010

Awesome, Lovelies

I know, I have been neglecting this blog of mine for some time. I promised, I will post as long as I'm free. :)) For the past week, has been quite busy for me, movies with Boyf and Ning & HH, Zinc :)) Staying over at Baby's house was great. I just love his accompany. ((: Thanks Baby. ^^

Had my night out at Sentosa, with Rosanne & her friends for her birthday. Boyf couldn't make it as he has to work. ): Met Charis Dearest, HUG HER LIKE NEVER HUG HER BEFORE. I MISS YOU. Anyway, back to topic, Rosanne has been a great friend to me, joy and tears, we gone through together. I think whatever I want to say to her, I've said to her . Loveyou, MUACKS!

After everything, trained back to tpy, met Boyf. Had heart to heart with him just now. He walked me home, even he is tired. Thank you and I'm sorry. How busy & tired you are, you still cabbed down to meet me. LOVEYOU, LIKE NEVER BEFORE. Time flew fast when I'm with you. This is a good thing and a bad thing. Bad thing is I have to leave you soon. Good thing is we has been together for one week without noticing. Baby, I love you :)

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