Saturday, 8 May 2010

No one understands, what's my heart going through with me.

Done with facebook, msn & twitter, left with posting on blog. Everything was a torture to me just now. Was texting with Bby with a long text message. Hope he understand. Was glad my two babies and good friends were there for me, when I broke down with tears. At that point of time, Charis Dearest was the one who accompany and giving me advices. Thank you, Loveyou! MUACKS!

Stayed at home the whole noon. Just came back from Bby's place this early noon. He was sweet enough to cook dinner for me and himself. Think he is the first boyfriend who cooked dinner for me. Sweet enough . I love you, baby. Slept early last night, as both of us was worn out. And promised you, i won't keep anything from you anymore. Gonna voice out everything to you. :))

Familywise, I'm really don't know what's on their mind now. Maybe not communicating with them, is the best way out. I shall not say much here. Close ones knows. :)

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