Saturday, 12 June 2010


11.11 : I treasure you like never before.

Was out with Brother for movie on Wednesday. So we bet whose gonna wake up earlier, and I won. By the time, he awake, I have already wake up. :D Eh, your sister will know how to wake up on time hor. Unlike you, sleeping like a pig. :))) Met him at platform, trained down to Town, Cine for straight two movies, caught Sex & the City 2 & the Nightmare on The Elm Street. Like scary only lah. :( Brother caught me another bear! What a wonderful and awesome brother I have :D :D Out of boredom, accompanied each other to watch kiddy show, G Force while waiting for my girls to reach. LOL. Freeze to death! We are super cold that we actually quit watching the show.

Met up with Boyfriend & Dionna after that, to Powerhouse. Met up with Zinc & co. Met Cousin there too. Saw Syl there too! Like so qiao can! Chatted with him awhile, and my girls decided to go off. Cabbed back to Cine and find Brother, again. Home aftermath!

& I realised, nothing can hide from brother. :( He seems to be like a worm inside my body. :( Knowing I am down and wants me to share with him, no matter what.

Ignoring everything about xx .

Might be heading out with bbg tmr! Gonna wait for her text!

My dearest brother :
Got gandong abit not, got your special post leh. Hahah . Father of so many kids. Hahaha. Seriously, please take good care of yourself lah, drink more water k. If not, next time I'm gonna force you drink already hor. You are working now, must be tired again. Awws. 2 more hours to go! Jiayou Jiayou! :D :D How bad can you be ?! You dumbest brother! :D Teehee. Faster. Rila want to talk to you leh. How bad can you be, to not communicate with your kids?! I bet you don't even bother about them. Evil!

PS : I do dote this brother of mine like he dote me! Teehee.

我全都相信 相信你说的每一句 每一句我答应我可以我不会敷衍 我全都相信 相 你说的每一句 每一句只差一句我爱你 It takes millions to complete the world. But it only takes one to complete mine, you.

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