Monday, 7 June 2010

Contented with my precious babies.

Woke up quite early this noon, went to prepare, meeting my bbg at her workplace. Cabbed down as I was real late in meeting her. Waited for her to dismiss from her work. Walked down to street, roamed around, we bought our needed clothes, I caught my eye on one blouse, and she bought herself a set of lace blouse and skirt. Trained down to town and met up with my brother! :))) He gave us each 3 of his babies. Like contented only. Teehee. Thanks, Brother! Carried it all over town, people was looking at us. Like we caught, HAHAH! Hope she like her babies. :))) Cabbed back home aftermath.

Me and Her :)))

And our new babies. Teehee. Cute ttm! :)))

Wednesday, met up with Boyfriend & her friends at Town. Headed off to Clarke Quay to chill out. Homed at 12am :))) Enjoyed myself with her that night. :)))
As promised, I shall give this pretty girlfriend a post! Just for her. :)) We known each other since half a year ago. Time flies fast! :))) I didn't know times just flies fast. Thanks for everything you have did. After this quarrel we had recently, from you, I know how to treasure many things around me. Thanks for telling me everything! I learn to treasure you more each day. Love you, dearest! :)))

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