Monday, 9 August 2010


Went to work last night, Babyboy and Jojo came over to find me, waited for me to dismiss from work. :) Headed to Cine for our late dinner, saw Andy Brother and his friend too! :) Accompanied Jojo to take train, while Baby called me, saying she is sad, wanting h2h talks with me. So cabbed over to her crib.

Slept over at her crib, was freaking tired. Had breakfast with her too. Waited for Babyboy to find over and fetch me. Went to Ecp awhile, Back home in the noon. Slept for long 12hours. Babyboy was out and after everything, he came to meet me again! Like one sweet only ^^

Babyboy, thanks for putting much effort in coming down to meet me, despite you know you are tired, and you have to walk home after that. I saw your actions already. This love, I promise I will not let go. Please take care of yourself, when I'm not around k ^^ Much loves.

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