Tuesday, 17 January 2012

First post in 2012 :>  Hope it's a better year of me :)Went to visit my cousins with relatives and my cutiepie. ^^ Dyed my hair in a darker color together with bi last friday. Afterwhich headed to Andrew and Helen's wedding together with bi and the usual cliques. Happy marriage. :) After which, headed to the hotel room and drink finish the leftover red wine with the guys, left around 1plus. :) 

Went rounding with bi, sis and bro last night, and singing sessions with sis till 3. and while waiting for the guys, boredom struck us. What we do is spam photos. :) Home aroumd 4plus. 

And chinese new year is next monday, excited much? Hehehe. I am ^^ Get to see my relatives again. 

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