Monday, 19 March 2012

Don’t judge me based on what you see here. I’m only showing what I choose to let you see. 
There’s so much more to me than written words. 

Decided to update now as I'm having free time. And as later bby'ss gonna snatch the com from later when he reach home. Spent my last week happily. Heheheh. :) And I just changed the header photo. They are really awesome people :) 

First ladies night at mink with bbg, joanna and the rest ~  Met bbg for dinner first, and cabbed down with her to meet the rest . First ladies night in 2012 was alright, bby didn't tag along. But as long as I'm with bbg, everything was fine ^^ Cabbed home at around 3 after that. 

 And last weekend, movie date 'Act of Valor' with bby and his friends, really a huge group of them. But before that, went to meet my dear, went to slack and waited for the guys. Had much nice talks with her. And she treated me to mac . Thanks dear! :) Home after movie. 

And this is my cute sister, have been spending quite alot of time with you these few days even for just a short catch up and that you have to go home early. But I'm contented :) I hereby promise you, I will be here for you no matter what happen and what's you've been through. Happy or sad times, I will go through with you. I pampered you as much as I can. Buy you things that you long wanted. Just one call from you, I will go down. This, you might not believe now, but as time goes by. You will understand. :D Love you maximum! :)  

And I thank God that I'm going back to church every weekend, and bond with the awesome people there. Hehehe. Going back to my old ways. And there's a camp from tomorrow till thursday. But I going there for the revival night only. Heheheh. 


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