Monday, 21 May 2012

Been away for quite some time, so I'm back to blog, hehe. Busy meeting my girls and dating with my boy and not forgetting spending time with my fam. Went to Bishan to visit the lil cheeky girl and meeting my cousin love for dinner to satisfy my craving. Had a awesome catchup with her as I know she miss me much too. Recently been in love with Starbucks. (: 
hehe, my love! (: 
This cheeky girl, the only girl who will brighten up my day.

And not forgetting meeting my bbg every thurs as she has the more time after school. ^^ Never fail to be happy seeing her even before that, I'm really upset. Attending lectures with her in her school. Awesome much having this weekly dating with her. Ask me, do I love her? Yes, I love her. 

One of the days, went to bishan to accompany the cheeky girl, together with baby. And he played with her quite awhile, while I update Aunty Doris about everything in life, hehe. And what's more best is I get to eat beancurd that she made ^^ And she just recently passed me many bowls of it ^^After that, went to Plaza Sing to meet Brother and Deary. Slacked around Dhoby Ghaut and we walked to ComeBuy bubbletea. 

And steamboat with fam for mother's day at macpherson area, hehe. Awesome much, Went home awhile and off to amk to meet deary first before meeting the guys for movie. Caught 'Dark Shadows' movie, wasn't that nice. Burger King for supper! (: 

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