Thursday, 5 July 2012

Fulfilling June Part One ~

Since I have not much time now and there's nothing for me to do now, decided to blog abit. ((: Been busy for the last whole month, which I have no time to update. But I still enjoying my life ((: 

Changed my hair to a deeper color and now I look like a xmm :( But I cut off my dry part of the hair. Heheheh. And met up with bbchen after a year or so, had much catchup with her through just abit of shopping and lunch ~ Bought a charles & keith wallet too ^^  I believe there's much more outing like this. 

And I'm happy to bring the kids out for movie and town with the boy for awhile. Next, Ice Age 4 (: I'm glad that they made our day. Kids nowadays are awesome! 

Met up with Lady just yesterday at town. Much catchup with her and met up with bbg ~  And I'm seeing her later! Rushing with this post as well ~ And I just got to know a app that have cute design and decided to play with it ^^ 

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