Saturday, 9 January 2010

Twin Love's Outing ♥

Part of me is, already gone.


Yesterday was awesome. I swear :D
Met Loveee at Bugis, I woke up late, but managed to meet her on time (:
Headed to Street to roam around, bought long tights, make up remover & wallet :D
I realised I treat money like free flow ._. Spent quite alot yesterday.

Went Illuma after that, and start our photos snapping [:
We took many till I just went to upload all photos in facebook,
and realise we actually took 94photos. HAHA! We are crazyyy girls. (:

Stayed at home the whole day, Slept till 6plus in the evening.
Daddy & Mummy gone to work, Brother went out.
Which means, I'm left alone at home, now. Awws ):



Ah love ah, You better cheer up ohk! You know I don't want to see you sad.
I'm here for you, like always. We won't be apart ! :D
8digits & one sms away from you. ^^

I miss you, 17th

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