Monday, 11 January 2010

Guys are like bees.

Which one look nicer? Without make up or with make up ? (:
Comment Pleaseee(:

Last long w Sean alrights. Love you.
And sorry for making you angry the last time.(:

Woke up at 9plus, and went back to sleep again.
Finally I woke up at 3pm, used computer till dinner time :D

And I found out this girl was totally weird. Was talking to her on Facebook.
She suddenly ask me, Do I have sex w my ex-boyfriends?
I told her a BIG NO! Do I look like those girls having sex w boyfriend? I know you have :D
She told me she have proof, that when a girl have sex w her boyfriend,
the face complexion will get better. True or not, I don't wish to know.
I told her everything, and I tell you, one last time.
I have a boyfriend that doesn't mean I must have sex w him.
If he needs it so much, go find another girl who will willing to give him.
And she tell me, she slept w guys over for MONEY.
And she herself admitted she is a SLUT :D She say she did this, for a living.

HAHAH! :D Fuck you la, what you do now, is just throwing girls face on the floor!
Girl, get the facts right. I know you have sex w your boyfriend.
Now, I know you are such a girl, so you think I am ? HAHA! You are, BUT I am not :D

Enough of this alr la. This slut is really making me real MADDDD!

Had dinner at tpy interchange, went to roam around after that.
Suddenly, I saw Terence & Weiyuan Papa. Am really happy to see them.
Didn't call him loudly cause my father infront of me ><
Twinlove, Twenty-Fifth, Part Time Lover, Rubbish Girl, Babydar, BABY! :D

The girl who goes out almost everyday w me,
The girl who walk through sadness & joy w me,
The girl who never fails to lend her ears and shoulders to me,
The girl who will listen to my crapping and xinshi,
The girl who never fails to accompany me even when I'm bored,
The girl who never fails to take tons of photos w me,
The girl who goes shopping spree w me everytime,
The girl who get first place in my heart from me,
The girl who I'm afraid to lose friendship w.
The girl who I'm afraid to get moodswing lost from her.

Thanks for the post too, you really melt my heart. :D Thanks for standing me all the time through ups and down times. And despite all the quarrel that we have in the past, we are back together, and even closer than before. (: Long time ago, I have treat you as my blood bond sister, the one I'm going to share w, but one thing for sure, is not BOYFRIEND. HAHAH! :D
Thanks for sharing w me, your xinshi. Cheer up alrights. I don't wish to see you sad or having moodswing again ah . You know as long as your mood is down, my mood is down too. Don't forget we are twins now ^^ . HAPPY ANOT! Tmr you will be seeing my face alr, must be happy ah! :D You know, no matter what happen, One call & I 'll fly to you :D HAHA! Must be honoured aye. (:

& You know, how many quarrels we had,
we are still together, even closer than before.

Am talking to Sarah Darling now, she seems not be asleep now.
Cause she having her o levels results later. Darl, Believe in God alright. (:
I'm sure he will not let you down of your results.
Same goes to those who is taking results later. Believe in YOURSELF.
Whatever you confess w your mouth, it will be unto you. RIGHT DARLING! :D
Weather good or bad news, sms or call me alrights. (: Loves.

(Edited on 3.21am)
Twinlove was so sweet, Why ah ? Huajie don't like, you know!
Was reading her second post, my tears suddenly dropped.
Why you so sweet ? Like sugar and honey ley. Huajie buxinhuan! ):

Just ate finish one bowl of maggie , damn famished!
Am watching Autumn Concerto, next would be Hi My Sweetheart.
:D Am loving this two shows. (: Gonna chiong for this show now & off to bed already. (:

Am going to Bishan later. Hope I don't get emo there, easily.
Twinlove knows the reason why I will get emo. (:
Going to accompany Xuanen & Aunty Doris, and off to work after that.
Gonna be so much fun w Ahloveee (:

(Edited on 9.56am)
Slept only for 5hours, Not enough la.
Wanting to go back sleep, but can't.
Going over to Bishan later, Aunty Doris cook my lunch & dinner alr.
Hope I don't emo later. Sigh. & I think my dad feel sad. LOL !
Will be posting tonight. (: ^^ So for now, Bai peopleee! (:

(Edited on 11.39pm)
Am back home now, went Aunty Doris's house in the late morning.
Had lunch & slacked over there. Accompany Ahen play awhile, dozed off too.
Was texting w Grandson all the way. (: Thanks, Grandson.

Didn't go for work today, Manager didn't bring the material.
So I skipped work, went to find Twinlove.
Headed w her to find friends. (: Something happen over there.
& I don't wish to say out. All I wish & hope is Twinlove will cheer up (:
You know, I'm here for you, always! (: Loves.

& Wonder where is Sarah Darling! ): Sighhhhh!

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