Monday, 8 February 2010

Yesterday woke up at 11plus. Daddy wants me to help out in spring cleaning.
Helped him :D & had a small tiff w Mummy. And she lost the game.
Daddy helped me out and wanna treat me for lunch. :D

Went out w them, daddy's treat :D
In daddy's car, mummy kena scolded. Helped Daddy scold back :x
First time seeing a wife don't trust her own husband's driving skills.
then why married and be a couple in the first place?! Sigh.
Rubbish parents I have ! :D

Am boring now, and waiting for time to pass by.
Meeting Twinlove Baby later for last minute shopping at Bugis :D
Gonna be a fun trip w her (: I love you la ^^

Looking forward to the odd days of this week. (:
Hmms, it's a secret :D Haas. Shall update later when I'm back ;D

( Edited on 1.26am )
Just kup phone w Silly ♥. Gonna meet him soon (:
Met Twinlove Baby around 5plus at Bugis.
Shopped around Street and bought shorts for herself and bought tube jumper for mine. (:
Went Illuma to slacked around. & headed to Junction, bought eyeslashes.
Headed to FoodCourt for dinner. Headed to Plaza Sing, roamed around.
& back to tpy, met friends. & they sent me home (:

I'm feeling sad, can't you tell? Refused to tell you, my heartfelt words, cause I'm scared.
Not easy to get the guy's heart. I will try. Stop telling & pushing me to others.

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