Thursday, 25 March 2010

Nothing matters now. Awesome Girlfriends ♥ (:
Today was a fine day to me. Went over to Bishan to Aunty Doris's house. Went to help her do some stuffs. Went back her place aftermath. Accompanied her talk xinshi & accompanied Isaiah play around. Quite happy playing with him. Soon later, his sister came back home. Continue playing with them. Was too bored, started photos spamming with them. I just simply love them ttm ! :D

Was on the phone with Sarah just now. Happy talking to her, once again. And now's Jolyn ♥ turn [: My facebook is spammed by Gary & Jolyn ♥ for the same comment. Cute or what, in different languages. Hahaha . And talking to Ning Boyfriend on Msn now. Yes, I miss her, ALOT. !

Meeting Charis Dearest tmrw. :D ^^

My source of Happiness ♥

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