Thursday, 1 April 2010



Gonna give you a massive hug tmrw, as usual ! :D

Woke up around 1 in the noon. Went to prepare and head out t meet Isabelle. She has been waiting for me since morning. And I was super late. Sorry, make you wait for so long, again. Headed to Suntec hunting for lunch. Decided to settle down at Secret Recipe. The food there for fabulous. :) Walked around Marina Square, having a call from Jolyn ♥. Decided to meet her at Bugis. Send Isabelle off as she needs to reach home early.

Headed off to Bugis and waited for Jolyn ♥ awhile. Saw Kaiping. say Hi and went off . Saw Huijun too, gave her a massive hug. Chatted w her awhile. Gave her a goodbye kiss, and went off. Will be working with her on Saturday. Can't wait for the day to come :D

Went around Street, and bought nothing . Nothing caught my eyes. Home Sweet Home after that :)

And thinking of work tmrw. I don't feel like going, but still have to go. Sian die me. Sighhh.

我不相信你心中现在她最美 你不会你不会你不会把我们的爱踩碎 我不相信你口中会讲出后悔 你不会你不会你不会不心疼 我拒绝被看见的泪.

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