Sunday, 4 April 2010

One after another, when will it ever stop ? Someone just stop everything now.

Went over to Sarah's place for her birthday party yesterday. So met up w Jolyn ♥, headed down w her, over to her place. She was freaking high. I swear. Apphia & Wendy came. Hugged them tight tight. :) Catch up with our daily life. It's feels good seeing the ones you love. Headed back to Hougang Mall for our late dinner. Headed home around 12 in the morning . :)

Work was alright today. Met up with Huijun Girlfriend ♥ at tpy platform. Trained down to Bugis for our work. :) Time went past super fast. Worked w Huijun & Rey today, love the accompany of them. Having fun with them :) Sarah came down to find me and waited for me. How sweet of her to come over though she is still having that hangover mood. Loveeyouuu, Darling ! ♥ :))))

Headed back to tpy with Huijun Girlfriend ♥ , went Coffee Beans to have dessert, chatted awhile. And supposed to accompany her buy her shorts for her orientation, couldn't found any. So had dinner w her. I just love the accompany of her for the whole day. Loveeeeyouuuu ! ♥

And I realised my day was spent among Coffee, Coffee, & still Coffee :)

Wanting to meet Charis Dearest & Ning Boyfriend soon ! ♥♥♥

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