Monday, 28 June 2010


Hey Sweets, how was your past week spent ? :) I spent contentedly with friends around. Been meeting friends to hunt for jobs. Quite happy actually. Went to sing Kbox too. Though it's only 2 short hours, but I did enjoy myself, quite alot. Caught A Team in the same day too :)))

Headed to Powerhouse on Friday with Boyfriend. Met Stanley & co too. The crowd wasn't as good as the crowd on Sat. Went off early as I was half drunk.

Yesterday, was spent with family. :) Mummy told me, there's dinner with Aunty Jamie & Aunty Shirley's families. The two fierce aunties I ever had. And I get to see my cousins and their partners too :))) But I felt so left out, because my brother wasn't with me. I somehow miss him lah :(((

The best part was we headed to Marina Barrage, as all the adults never go before. No doubt, my parents also. We took a short scroll, with everyone. But I am not feeling quite happy, cause one simple reason : My brother wasn't there. :( Homed around 9pm. Slept all the way till this morning.

Like one happy girl only, I managed to turn my bodyclock back! :))) Gonna learn to sleep in the night, and wake up in the morning :)))

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