Saturday, 20 November 2010

I love you, not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.

Back from the runaway trip, Genting trip was awesome. But somehow, mood spoil cause something happen. Didn't really enjoyed much, cause the haze was quite heavy. But we managed to catch some soft toys back :D They were cute ttm. :) Had shopping spree there too. Went to Genting's club, out of curiosity. Totally different from any club in Singapore. 3days of runaway was short, yet fun.

Beforehand, went to Novena, United Square to get my birthday cake, and bb got a necklace for my present :) Happy max x2. Thank bby :) And thanks to everyone who wished me. :)

And we went to watch Megamind the next day we got back, and he bought a hundred bear for me, brought me for Singapore Flyer. Afterwhich, i head back home. :)


Went town on Wednesday with bby to meet Beloved & TingTing. Saw my babygirl at town too! Hehe. Went over to Far East to have our dinner. Waited for Shermaine to come over to meet us. Went to Rebel & Zirca afterwhich. Met up with Alan Papa and his friends too. They left early. Home in the morning. :)

Can't wait for Violet's Wedding, gonna be a grand one. Hehe. ^^

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