Friday, 4 May 2012

April, the awesome one ^^

Hi readers, I'm back again! Well right after baby's birthday, was on my 3days 2nights with my dad and aunty. 3 days of not seeing baby. Well, miss him (: And might be posting a few post at one go. 

Baby took off right after my 3days trip to go dating with me, ^^ caught 'Street Dance 2 with him. Cause I guess he miss me, and not seeing me. Yet sacrifice his sleep to accompany me while on the way to genting. How can I not love him more? Hehe. 

And right after the trip, met up with Esther and Wendy for catch up and lunch and Jack's Place as well as Starbucks ~ Hehehe.  Had much talk with them as I know they have not seen me for a long time. LOL! 

And not forgetting celebrating Andy's Brother's 23rd Birthday on Labour Day together with the boys cliques (: Bought a surprise cake for him cause I know he will surely reject if he gets to know this earlier. Clever me for knowing he will reject. Hehe. Had Sakura Buffet dinner on his birthday. Well, glad he enjoyed it (: Caught the movie, 'Marvel Avengers' to conclude the day. Awesome movie and I'm waiting for funshion to show! Hehehe. 

Bro's cake! :) 
The birthday boy, and you know what, You are better looking with wide smile! :D 
The buffet food, hehe. 
The sweet couple, hehe.

Yes, the brothers (:

The boys cliques, never regret in knowing them :D:D

And now we the girls, Deary and me :D 

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